GMS Open House

Splendid weather brought about 30 Italian cars to Glynn Motorsports in Rowley, MA, on Saturday, June 9th. Ideal temperatures and just the right dose of sunshine kept everyone in the parking lot, and the coffee table was a lonely location inside the shop (although not much was left by event end).

Paul Glynn and Michael Wrigley hosted both AONE and Ferrari Club of America, and even put one cranky ALFA on the lift before it left. (Was that a stealth maneuver to get a rapid service appointment?)

The many highlights included Ferrari 308s, 328, 488 (in a rare blue color — see the final photo), a Lancia Fulvia, and a wide variety of Alfas, including a Montreal, 164 Quad, new Giulia Quad, new Giulia AWD, Berlina, Duettos, Giuliettas, 2000 GTVs, GTV-6s, Giulia Nuova, 1750 Spider Veloces, and selection of other Spiders. The tidy shop included a variety of Alfa models, including Verdes (which Paul is partial to). Special guest was a vintage Moto Guzzi.

People milled around throughout the day admiring the Italian iron (and composites on some more recent models), and conversations popped up everywhere. Stories were told and parts were sold. As every year, this "GMS" event has a big networking and reconnecting component after the winter months of auto-hibernation, and most New England states were represented. 

Thank you, Paul and Michael.Tiny Quadrifoglio

[And thank you, Tom, for making all the arrangements again! — Ed.]


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GMS Open House